Friday, July 1, 2016

Thunder Over the Plains (1953)

An interesting movie that is sympathetic to former Confederates who function as vigilantes fighting against Carpetbaggers who are stealing and cheating the locals.

Set in 1869 Texas which is ruled over by the Union Army, functioning as an army of occupation, since texas has not been admitted back in to the Union yet.

Captain Porter (Randolph Scott), a Texan,fought for the Union in the Civil War, but sympathizes with the locals who he thinks are being taken advantage of.. He is ordered to bring in vigilante leader Ben Westman, (Charles McGraw).

Ben turns himself in to save his men and Captain Porter says he will help him at trial. But when he brings him in, Ben's execution has already been ordered under martial law. Ben has been set up for a murder he didn't commit.

Porter then sets out to prove Ben's innocence.

A very good movie showing the carpetbaggers moving in to the former Confederate states looking to make a profit. Like all of these movies though, it doesn't show what would have happened to the former slaves if the North hadn't moved in. This film had a scene with two black men laughing as two "carpetbaggers" walk back in to town after being stripped of their clothes by vigilantes.

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